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Robsion Park

Robsion Park was donated to the city by John M. & Laura (Drane) Robsion, Jr.  The 17
acre park is located between Lake Ave. and LaGrange Rd.

Parking lots may be accessed from LaGrange Rd. by using the drive for the Lyndon Post
Office and on Lake Ave. off of Lyndon Ln.  There is also a pedestrian entrance on Lyndon Ln.
across from Greenway Dr. Use of the park and its facilities is on a first come first served basis.


Picnic tables

Splash Pad
Walking path (3/8 mile)


Hours: Dawn to Dusk

No motorized vehicles in park

Alcoholic beverages prohibited

Animals must be leashed

Place garbage in trash receptacles only

No solicitation, vending, advertising or sign posting is allowed except by special permission from the City.

Patrons engaged in disruptive, destructive or hazardous conduct may be asked to leave by any City official.

Persons shall not conduct the commercial sale or offer to sell any goods, wares, drink, food or items nor render or offer to render any service for hire unless a permit is properly issued by the City.

Patrons shall preserve the peace and quiet enjoyment of the park by observing all ordinances and state laws governing noise and amplified sound.