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Caucus Meeting
Monday, October 17th
6pm at Lyndon City Hall

Council Meeting
Monday, October 24th
6pm at Lyndon City Hall

"Light Up Lyndon"
Wednesday, November 23
5pm - 8pm
Romara Place
Shuttle provided from Lyndon City Hall.

Webelo Pack #237
Bowen Elementary School

The students visited city hall to learn about Lyndon from Mayor Susan Barto.


Election Day
Tuesday, November 8th
6am - 6pm

If you have any questions about where you vote, click this link to the Jefferson County Clerk's Voter Information web page.

City of Lyndon Newsletter

July 2016



The City of Lyndon is offering residents the Kentucky Rx Card, a free discount drug card. ...more


Reach Alert Notification System

The City of Lyndon is offering a tool to communicate critical information to the residents of Lyndon. ...more

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