Snow Removal

We have contracted with GMP Property Maintenance and Contracting, LLC to provide snow removal this year.

Please remember that streets are plowed and/or salted on a priority basis. Thru roads, major intersections and hills receive first consideration. All streets are plowed only if a snowfall of 4" or greater has been reached. We ask that all vehicles be parked in driveways when snow is forecast or already on the ground.

The following streets will be plowed or salted in the event of winter precipitation:

  •   Intersections of all Lyndon streets will be plowed and salted.
  •   Fenley Ave. (from Vine Crest Ave. to Warwick Ave.)
  •   Headley Hill Rd.
  •   Holly Springs Dr.
  •   Jefferson Ave. (north of Wilson Ave.)
  •   Old Mill Rd.
  •   Old Whipps Mill Rd. (south of Ormsby Ln.)
  •   Ormsby Ln. (south of New La Grange Rd.)
  •   Sycamore Creek Dr.
  •   Vine Crest Ave.
  •   Warwick Ave. (Washburn Ave. to Fenley Ave.)
  •   Whipps Mill Rd. (portion near Central State)
  •   Willow Springs Dr.
  •   Wood Rd. (New La Grange Rd. to Whipps Mill Rd.)

The following streets are private and the City of Lyndon does not maintain:

  •   Perry Rd. (portion off of Wood Rd.)
  •   All apartment, condominium, and patio home streets (Except Forest Garden Ln. and Court)

The following streets are maintained by Metro Louisville Public Works:

  •   Corporate Campus Dr.
  •   Dorsey Ln.
  •   LaGrange Rd. (Lyndon Ln. to Whipps Mill Rd.)
  •   Lyndon Ln. (Shelbyville Rd. to New La Grange Rd.)
  •   Lyndon Farm Ct.
  •   Mill Brook Rd.
  •   Ormsby Ln. (north of La Grange Rd. to Westport Rd.)
  •   Ormsby Station Ct.
  •   Ormsby Station Rd.
  •   Washburn Ave.
  •   Whipps Mill Rd.
  •   Wood Rd. (Whipps Mill Rd. to Shelbyville Rd.)

The following streets are maintained by the State Highway Dept.:

  •   La Grange Rd.
  •   Lyndon Ln. (north of New LaGrange Rd.)
  •   N. Hurstbourne Pkwy.
  •   New La Grange Rd. (Shelbyville Rd. to Whipps Mill Rd.)
  •   Shelbyville Rd.