Reach Alert System

We are offering a tool to communicate critical information to the residents of Lyndon. We will share time sensitive information with you such as road closures due to construction, downed trees, broken water lines, power outages, suspicious activity in the area, and special event reminders.

To improve our ability to communicate with you, we have made arrangements with Reach Alert to provide a city-wide notification service. We encourage every family to register for this service. Registration details are listed below. You decide how you want to receive our alerts: text message, voice advisories, and/or email.

     1. Go to to register for the service.

     2. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT (middle right portion of page).

     3. Follow the prompts and enter your contact information and select your preferred method to receive alerts (text message, voice call, or email).

     4. When asked which network your want to join click Lyndon in the drop-down list.

If you request text messaging, Reach Alert will immediately send your phone a text message with a four digit validation code. When you receive the validation code, enter this number on the website registration screen and then click the word VALIDATE to complete your registration.